Sunday, September 4, 2011

the cat's outta the bag

so that crazy dress i wanted to show you? the reason i was making it has been put on hold. hence, i don't find myself liable to keep the dress a secret anymore. plus the fact that it's difficult to sit in the same room as this thing without wanting to show someone

it's far from finished (clearly, there's not even a zipper or anything haha)
but here's the progress i've made so far after a solid 2 days of working on it and about 24 yards of fabric.
...i also think i've lost my mind.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

granny chic?

the things i make while i'm procrastinating making other things are always of a questionable nature.
enter: the pillowcase dress.

unfortunately, it actually just looks like i'm wearing a pillowcase. good thing i wasn't planning on leaving the house in it anyway :P

on a different note, i have something seriously awesome that will be finished tomorrow!
i want to post a progress shot, but i've been sworn to secrecy.
apologies to my huge number of followers.. (read: one.)