Friday, February 24, 2012


so my high school's yearbook is running features on selected students this year, where each get to 'tell their story'. i'm not entirely sure what made me so interesting, but they picked me! now i have a two page spread: the left is a personal essay in my handwriting, and the right a photo. it was really, really weird having to write about myself knowing it will be read by the majority of my school. and the photo was the hardest part of all! the yearbook teacher suggested that i take a picture in my room or working on a project, so i popped my camera up on my tripod and took this: 

they loved it, and i was soo relieved :) i just figured i would share it here since i'd rather leave it a surprise to my friends for when the yearbook comes out!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

fine dining.

ah, the mcbanquet. 
something we've discussed many times at my youth group, and today we were finally able to partake! here's the gist of it: enter a fast food place in fancy attire, bringing with you place settings. glass plates, wine glasses, cloth napkins, tablecloths, and silverware are set up on the tables as if that's completely expected. there are a few rules as well- no eating with your hands, and no original food containers on the table.  

it really put a smile on the employee's faces :)
unfortunately, a family that was there didn't find us quite so amusing.
to quote the mother: " freaking. weird."

on the bright side, we had a great time! of course we had to take some 'prom pics' at the end of the meal...

and photobomb other people's..

we're hoping to do this again soon, but with a hostess seating everyone who enters the establisment (i volunteered for that :P) and waiters taking orders (from fancy menus..le big mac, anyone?) and serving the tables. that will certainly get a reaction, and hopefully some smiles from strangers who find themselves caught in it :)