Friday, June 15, 2012

prom: round two!

super quick update because i should be sleeping but i can't!
prom was last friday. i made a dress (in 4 days. no bueno.) and the usual accessories for matt & i. 
jess took some pretty sweet pictures of us beforehand so i figured i'd share:

also, it appears as though i forgot to do a weekly roundup this week. so much for that idea haha

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

weekly roundup: 5/30-6/6

this week has been made good by sweet friends. 
i love the little surprises they give me preceded with "this reminded me of you."
whether it be something for my ridiculously color-coordinated sewing room or a note that makes me smile; i always display it somewhere that i'll see it and remember how lucky i am to have these people in my life.

i also had a mini getaway to my favorite place in the world: the camp/conference center that i've spent summers at since i was nine. i'll be counseling at their youth camp this summer and attended an "enrichment sleepover" for the counselors and staff.

since then, i've been hard at work on my prom dress & accessories (that i couldn't have waited any longer to's on friday!) and occasionally documenting the progress. there's way too many issues with it right now and i still have quite a way to go, but that's my own fault for procrastinating and improvising.

also: i put my dad to work on the rotary cutter to speed things along while i sewed. :P

i guess we'll find out soon enough whether or not i'll pull this one off!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

weekly roundup: 5/23-5/30

i always see people posting "weekly roundups," typically reviewing their past week via instagram pictures. i figured that since i finally have an iphone (yay fancy 18th birthday present!) i would start doing roundups as a way to keep me blogging. since, let's be honest...i'm TERRIBLE at keeping up with this thing.

so here's my week in review!

thursday i went out with my mom & best friend and we indulged in some marvelous desserts. the tiny little cup is mine- chocolate mousse! i have a minor obsession with chocolate mousse..but it's so wonderful how can i not!?

thanks to a sudden heat wave and a lack of upstairs air conditioning, i got to spend the night in my sewing room. i'm thinking of moving in permanently now..i practically live there anyway, though i imagine it would be very inconvenient to have to keep moving the mattress off the table :P

i spent memorial day with my darling friend taylor and her family. they're quite a fun bunch :) we spent all day in the pool and got away with only the tiniest bit of sunburn

taylor and i also went downtown to the coolest cafe ever. they have every flavor of gelato you could imagine (and others you wouldn't want to- olive oil. blech.) i went with a cake pop and a birthday cake flavored whoopie pie. the best part though was the design of the place. there's three sections each with their own definitive style. the room pictured above has scratch and sniff wallpaper!

the weather was beautiful yesterday so i went outside to give my keds a bath. much to my dismay, the saddle shoe looking ones bled all over themselves, but i managed to get them back to a pristine white thanks to my fantastic stain removal skills. i'm such a little housewife haha

and as always, cat pictures:

she's simply too cute to resist!

Friday, May 25, 2012


wednesday was my birthday.

spent most of the day sick in bed, but got in a few nice hours with close friends; 
sipping sparkling cider and having silly discussions. 
i don't think i could ask for much more :)

on a random note, these were the pictures i took on my birthday last year:

my theory that i've stopped aging keeps proving itself truer and truer...

Monday, April 30, 2012

prommin: round one.

so. matt's prom was this past weekend.
personally, i think the whole thing is kind of silly. i'm not a fan of the fake tans and raunchy dancing.
but i am a fan of any opportunity for fanciness! 

the night turned out to be pretty alright, but my favorite part was taking these ridiculous pictures.

as usual, there was plenty of cat fanciness as well.

i didn't make the dress this time around, but i'm getting to work on the one for my prom now :)
i did however make the petticoat, which was time consuming but a lot of fun!

and matt's bow tie too.
(he picked out the fabric himself!)

while he was on his way to pick me up, i whipped up a messy little fabric flower in place of the boutonniere i forgot about. oops.

so we swung dance the night away to bass-heavy club music, and tried to pretend everyone around us was wearing more clothing and doing less grinding. but all in all, it was a good time. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

hello spring break!

due to my lack of plans this evening, i have a very fancy cat.
and many concerns for my future life hahaha.

but seriously, how cute is he?!
(even with his bow tie all twisted and his collar peeking out.)

while i'm on a roll here, this is how i found my little kitten when i came into my room this morning:

she managed to get herself stuck up there. silly cat.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

a new record!

i may have to put this is my personal top 3 fastest projects ever completed. 
in an effort to avoid doing laundry, i made this:

a fully lined circle skirt in 45 minutes? yes please :) 

Friday, February 24, 2012


so my high school's yearbook is running features on selected students this year, where each get to 'tell their story'. i'm not entirely sure what made me so interesting, but they picked me! now i have a two page spread: the left is a personal essay in my handwriting, and the right a photo. it was really, really weird having to write about myself knowing it will be read by the majority of my school. and the photo was the hardest part of all! the yearbook teacher suggested that i take a picture in my room or working on a project, so i popped my camera up on my tripod and took this: 

they loved it, and i was soo relieved :) i just figured i would share it here since i'd rather leave it a surprise to my friends for when the yearbook comes out!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

fine dining.

ah, the mcbanquet. 
something we've discussed many times at my youth group, and today we were finally able to partake! here's the gist of it: enter a fast food place in fancy attire, bringing with you place settings. glass plates, wine glasses, cloth napkins, tablecloths, and silverware are set up on the tables as if that's completely expected. there are a few rules as well- no eating with your hands, and no original food containers on the table.  

it really put a smile on the employee's faces :)
unfortunately, a family that was there didn't find us quite so amusing.
to quote the mother: " freaking. weird."

on the bright side, we had a great time! of course we had to take some 'prom pics' at the end of the meal...

and photobomb other people's..

we're hoping to do this again soon, but with a hostess seating everyone who enters the establisment (i volunteered for that :P) and waiters taking orders (from fancy menus..le big mac, anyone?) and serving the tables. that will certainly get a reaction, and hopefully some smiles from strangers who find themselves caught in it :)